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Process principle of rotating spray method flue gas purifica

The flue gas treatment technology for the high speed centrifugal atomization of absorber in half dry reaction tower and a good contact with acid gas in flue gas, reaction, to implement the removing acid gas and other harmful substances. So that the incinerator exhaust gas is purified in the half dry reaction tower. Spray acid process is divided into five steps: (1) the sorbent preparation; (2) the absorber slurry atomization; (3) droplets contact with flue gas mixture; (4) evaporation - acid absorption; (5) waste residue excluded. The chemical physics process are described below.
Chemical process: when the hydrated lime slurry after atomization nozzle atomization in the half dry reaction tower, and with a good contact with flue gas, flue gas cooling and humidifying, serum of Ca (OH) 2 particles with HCL, SO2 and other reaction by-products, and use of flue gas heat of reaction products dry solid, the entire reaction can be divided into the gas phase, liquid phase and solid phase three states, the following reactive illustrates in the temperature range 140-160 ℃ the essence of the flue gas acid (given by the formula is cumulative formula, does not reflect the real reaction process of single step)
Ca(OH)2 +  SO2   =   CaSO3*½H2O  +  ½H2O
Ca(OH)2 +  SO3   =   CaSO4*½H2O  +  ½H2O 
Ca(OH)2 +  H2O  +   SO2   +   ½O2   =   CaSO4*2H2O
CaSO3*½H2O  +  ½O2  =   CaSO4*½H2O
Ca(OH)2  +  CO2 =    CaCO3  +   H2O
Ca(OH)2  +  2HCl   =    CaCl2  +  2H2O
Ca(OH)2  +  2HF  =    CaF2   +   2H2O
In the case of flue gas containing HCl, is probably the best working temperature is high gas saturation temperature 15-25℃.
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