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Bag dust collector product advantages

(1) dust removal efficiency is high, generally over 99%, precipitator dust concentration of outlet gas in dozens of mg/m3, the fine dust of submicron particle size high classification efficiency.
(2) Process air volume range, small just 1 min for m3, big can reach 1 min tens of thousands of m3, not only can be used in the industrial furnaces flue gas dust removal, reduce air pollutant emissions.
(3) simple structure, easy to maintenance operations.
(4) on the premise of guarantee same high dust removal efficiency, cost is lower than the electric dust catcher.
(5) USES glass fiber, ptfe, P84 high-temperature filter material, such as can run under the condition of high temperature above 200 ℃.
(6) is not sensitive to the characteristics of dust from dust and the influence of the resistance.

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