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The advantages and disadvantages of garbage incineration tec

In the process of urbanization, the garbage as the product of urban metabolism was once the burden of city development, many cities in the world have a garbage siege situation. Now, the garbage is considered to be the most development potential, never dried up "urban mines", is "misplaced resources". Garbage disposal cost is very high, according to the different methods of processing, processing the cost of a ton of rubbish is about one hundred to several hundred yuan. People to consume resources, a large number of mass production, mass consumption, and mass production with the rubbish.
For waste incineration or recycling, environmental protection technical requirements are need high-end operation to good garbage processing, and in dealing with the rubbish, the method is perfect?
The advantages of incineration are:
After 1, waste incineration, waste of the pathogen was completely destroyed.
2, after burning, the combustible ingredient in the garbage is commonly after high temperature decomposition can be reduced by 80% ~ 90%, capacity reduction effect is good, can save a lot of landfill cover, after separation of waste incineration effect is better;
3, waste was used as energy, high temperature fume produced by garbage incineration, its thermal energy is transformed into steam, for heating and power generation, can also recycle ferromagnetic metals resources, can fully realize the recycling of waste;
4, incinerators, cover an area of an area small.
5, incineration can all-weather operation, is not easy to be affected by the weather.
The disadvantage of incineration are:
1, burning method of investment, capital cycle is long.
2, burning of waste calorific value has certain requirements, generally not less than 5000 kj/kg, limits its application scope.
3, occurring in the process of burning "dioxin" question, must have a lot of money to effectively deal with.
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