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Rotary spray method of flue gas purification process descrip

1, from the dust and harmful substances from boilers tail flue gas into the top half dry reaction tower, the rotary steering board, form a spiral of smoke. Lime and water by high speed rotating atomizer, lime and water mixture is atomized into tiny droplets, the droplet formation and spiraling downward movement of the flue gas reflux, and wrapped by the big smoke flow with a downward movement, in the process, lime and HCl acid gas in flue gas, reaction of HF, SO2, etc. In the first stage of the reaction process, gas-liquid contact, neutralization reaction, lime slurry drops of water evaporation, flue gas cool at the same time; The second stage, the gas-solid contact and dry solid state reaction products and get further CaCl2, CaF2, CaSO3 and CaSO4, etc.
2, because the flue gas temperature is too high, is not conducive to the commonly used temperature, chemical reaction and the bag within must therefore be to supply the water spray cooling. Because of the ability to absorb acid composition in flue gas increases with lower temperature, by adjusting the water and flue gas purification in order to maintain the required temperature, but also meet the needs of the bag is the entrance.
3, HCL in flue gas, the harmful gas such as SO2, SO3, HF react with injection of lime, in order to achieve the purpose of the removal of acid gases.
4, supply the activated carbon was installed on exports to bag dust catcher imported flue entrance injection, with larger specific surface area activated carbon adsorption gas harmful substances in the dioxin and harmful heavy metal Pb, Hg, Cd, etc. 2.2.5 after reaction tower fully response the dust into the efficient gas bag dust collector. , this equipment adopts the long bag low pressure pulse filter using offline soot, dust of flue gas from the guide to each unit filter chamber, and a guide plate in filtering area, of the dust in flue gas, the dioxin in the activated carbon adsorption and reaction products was deleted filter bag together, dust will fly ash through the ash in the device into the ash bin.
Dry acid system
(1) hydrated lime warehouse (including warehouse top automatic bag dust collector and fan), lime warehouse exports pneumatic conveying distributor, hydrated lime and conveying system, hydrated lime feeding system, hydrated lime injection system roots blower (and nozzle), water spray desuperheating system, pipeline, etc.
(2) the hydrated lime quantitative feeding devices including pneumatic conveying distributor, it is equipped with the feeder, 1 set of each feeder corresponding flue gas purification system, respectively, according to each system exports the SOx chimney, HCl and HF acid gas such as concentration of regulate the amount of hydrated lime into the flue gas supply. Roots blower set three corresponding hydrated lime spray, associate with bag filter before the injection of hydrated lime powder, realize dual purpose. Hydrated lime quantity by feeding machine automatic control. Lime nozzle should be designed to facilitate disassembly, convenient and check whether the nozzle is scaling and clogging.
(3) guarantee in semi-dry method exits, water spray system, flue gas temperature steady at 150 ℃.

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