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Hydrated lime storage and injection system overview

Hydrated lime by truck through the pipe into the hydrated lime bin by lime hydrate pneumatic conveying distributor after adjusting the quantitative feeding by the roots blower, spray line, and finally into the flue, to remove the acid gas in the flue gas (such as the SOx and HCL, etc.).
Hydrated lime warehouse by pipeline receives the meeting since off hydrated lime hydrated lime and hydrated lime is stored in it. Hydrated lime warehouse and transport of hydrated lime vehicle connection using quick connector + hose connector. Lime hydrate storage capacity can be burned for a period of 3 lines (second phase 2 burning line) normal operation of the three days of hydrated lime dosage.
Pneumatic conveying between distributor and hydrated lime hydrated lime storehouse to install a gate valve, in order to cut off the hydrated lime feeding when inspection and maintenance.
Hydrated lime warehouse equipped with three level switch, the upper material level switch to detect the high level (2), the lowest switch showed low level (1). High level said hydrated lime stop feeding material level. Due to the project of hydrated lime CangCang body is big, easy to appear when feed in warehouse material accumulation factors such as the Angle of deviation, only have a high level will appear for failing to high level and hydrated lime warehouse as a header. In order to avoid the hydrated lime when playing a header like now, according to the requirements of party a in hydrated lime storehouse set two high level to monitor at the same time; Low level said hydrated lime warehouse should receive hydrated lime material level. Low level setting height of hydrated lime hydrated lime levels in the warehouse with only one day of use (a period of 3 sets of system in common use; 2, 2 sets of common usage) system. Material level switch with maintenance platform maintenance inspection locations.
Hydrated lime warehouse at the top of the bag filter set warehouse top, warehouse top injection type bag filter belong to pulse bag filter. During the period of hydrated lime warehouse feed, hydrated lime warehouse of air through the filter bag exhaust dust catcher, in order to avoid pressure for hydrated lime storehouse. Filter not only in the hydrated lime warehouse receiving hydrated lime (from hydrated lime delivery vehicles) in the process of operation, and in regular intervals after receiving hydrated lime. Installed in the hydrated lime feeding point of hydrated lime feed limited position switch valve, the valve switch signal automatic control warehouse top the operation of bag filter.
Hydrated lime powder injection in a separate use of lime slurry system can't meet. Hydrated lime powder supply, according to the hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide in flue gas and the amount of harmful gas, each process line has a set of multicomponent gas on-line monitoring device is installed in all (raw gas dry acid system is equipped with), to real-time monitor and control pneumatic conveying of hydrated lime warehouse bottom distributor (pneumatic conveying distributor the company patent technology and equipment), controlled by the automatic control device so as to achieve the rationing of hydrated lime quantity, to ensure the efficiency of hydrated lime dosage.

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