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The reaction mechanism of SCR catalyst at low temperature

Different catalysts and preparation methods of research on Chinese fir of low temperature SCR catalytic mechanism have different understanding. By studying the MNOx - CeO2 composite oxide catalyst found that there are two kinds of low temperature SCR reaction reaction. A for gas phase of NH3 adsorption on the catalyst first form the coordination state of NH3 and NH2, NH2 NO reaction in the gas phase generated NH2NO, then thoroughly decomposed into N2 and H2O. The main reaction mechanism for:
Another kind is NO on catalyst surface oxidation of HNO2, then generated by reaction with NH3 NH4NO2, finally into N2 and H2O. The reaction mechanism of party as follows:
Study Mn/TiO and Fe Mn/TiO2 both mechanism of low temperature SCR catalyst found that not the doping of Mn/TiO2 catalysts in SCR belongs to Eley Rideal - reaction, the Fe doped catalyst reaction with another way, NO first oxidized into bidentate nitrates, into a single tooth nitrate under NH3 and NH4, complete the final generated H2O reduction process of NO further response and N2. For the reaction mechanism of low temperature SCR has a lot of interpretation, which is general approval of NH3 adsorption and activation played a large role in the reaction process.

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