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Smoke and dust, heavy metals and dioxins removal process

Soot removal, mainly adopts filter according to CJJ90_ - 2009 living garbage incineration engineering specification requirements, life garbage incinerator flue gas purification system must be set bag filter. At present, the use of incinerators mechanical grate furnace dust removal device USES the bag filter; Using circulating fluidized bed incinerator with high dust content, use "cyclone + bag filter" more combination process.
Bag filter are mainly using the precoating technology, such as dust, dust filter bag surface attached to deal with harmful toxic gases and filter, dust removal efficiency can reach 99.50 ~ 99.99%, long-term stable operation, to adapt to changes in process load fluctuations caused by air volume, and effectively capture under 10 TZM dust, dust emission concentration can achieve stable < 50 mg/m or even below 5 mg/m3. FE is garbage incineration power plant at home and abroad application of common filter material, the hydrolysis stability, acid, alkali, wear resistance and oxidation stability are excellent, use fixed number of year for 3 ~ 4 a, but the price is higher. Other filter material is difficult to resist garbage incinerator flue gas corrosion, short service life.
Traditional incinerator flue gas removal of heavy metals and dioxins commonly used in the process of "activated carbon injection + bag filter". This process can effective adsorption of heavy metals and dioxins in flue gas, adding amount of active carbon is about 100 mg/m, removal efficiency can reach above 95%. Wet dust collector under different working conditions on the removal efficiency of dioxins were above 85%. Therefore, in the flue gas purification treatment plant on the basis of the low temperature catalytic technology research and development is one of the research direction of flue gas treatment.

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